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I love reflexology, it's a lovely relaxing treatment which seems to help in all kinds of aliments, it is  lovely to receive. The majority of my customers are repeat business and each treatment is tailored to suit them as individuals. 


I have kept true to my vision in what I provide.  I have a non-clinical approach, working in a warm and very comfortable environment.  My customers and their well-being is very important to me, and I never forget that they have a choice. 

Look at the price list to see the various  combinations available to accompany this gorgeous relaxing treatment.

If you'd like to know more about the in's and out's of reflexology then please read on.......                                                  


Reflexology is a non- invasive, relaxing natural healing art, it is based on the principle that there are reflexes on the hands and feet that correspond to every part of the body.


Reflexology works by using a combination of precise movements, combining massage, pressure points, and manipulation of the feet which, in turn, allows the body to start to heal itself.


Reflexology can help to relieve stress and tension, boosts circulation, revitalize energy and cleanse the body of toxins and impurities.


It can be used for relaxation or to help with specific ailments. Reflexology is used to restore the natural balance of your body.


What happens during a treatment?


The treatment is carried out on bare feet, while the client (fully clothed) relaxes, usually on a treatment couch. It is a painless, natural, relaxing treatment.
The treatment starts off with a light foot massage, followed by the reflexology treatment and ends with a warm wax foot massage.

The room can be lit or dimmed to suit your preference.


Reflexology helps to relax the body to relieve stress which in turn may help with many conditions such as:-

- Fertility issues (natural and assisted conception)
- Hormonal imbalances
- Sleep disorders
- The functioning of the body systems (circulation, nervous, immune and eliminatory)

It can also

- Bring about relaxation
- Boost the body’s natural pain relieving processes
- Assist post-operative recovery
- Help balance mind, body and spirit
- Allow you the time to focus on yourself and your well-being.

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone is different and the number of treatments will depend on your individual needs – if you choose to have a course of treatments your progress will be reassessed after each treatment so that you have whatever suits you.

This treatment lasts approximately one hour.



Any contagious skin disease i.e. impetigo, scabies, chicken pox, mumps etc.

Any untreated severe medical condition, or acute pain.

Anyone under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.
Internal bleeding.
Severe varicose veins i.e. phlebitis (Reflexology may increase pressure of blood to veins).
Any form of infection, disease or fever (can make client feel worse and spread infection to the therapist).
Diarrhoea and vomiting – cross infection.
Bruising on feet.
Cuts, grazes, open skin, rashes, bites, burns, fractures.

Athletes foot or verrucaes.
Localised swelling/inflammation.

Hormonal implants.
Recent fractures (minimum 3 months).
Cervical spondylitis.

If there is anything you are unsure about please see your GP to get clearance for treatment.

NB: Reflexologists do not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe. Each session of reflexology works on an individual basis.

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