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Hopi Ear Candle Treatment



Ear Candling reached the modern world via the American Hopi Indians of North Arizona. Ear candles were used traditionally by Shamanic healers. The candles are still made today on the basis of the old traditional formula originating from the Hopi Indians.

Ear candles are not candles as such, but hollow tubes made out of cotton or a mixture of cotton and linen (cotton flax).

I use the best quality candles..  

When lit, the candle produces a very, very mild suction action. The mild suction and the heat of the released vapours circulating inside the ear gently massage the eardrum and help to soften and loosen any earwax. 

Please Note:  that contrary to popular belief the candles DO NOT suck wax out of your ear.  The residue left after the burn is from the actual candles themselves.

The change of temperature leads to a change in pressure and expansion in these areas which can help to clear congestion. Gentle heat is experienced around the ear promoting the blood and lymph circulation.

The vapours are inhaled through the nose and into the lungs where their therapeutic properties are circulated around the body via the blood. Many of the constituents of the candles have properties that calm and sooth the nervous system and also have the effect of lifting depression and promoting a ‘feel good factor’

What happens during a treatment?

The one hour treatment is carried out with the client relaxing on the treatment couch; it begins with a 15 minute facial massage, which covers sinuses and lymphatic drainage points.


Following the facial massage the client then lies on their side - the first candle is placed into the auditory canal where it is then lit and continually held in place whilst it burns for approx. 15minutes during which time you will experience a warm comfortable feeling and possibly a pleasant crackling sound as the candle burns – the process is then repeated on the other side.


The treatment ends with a further facial massage lasting approx. 15 minutes. Most clients find the whole experience very relaxing and some have been known to fall asleep during the treatment.

Alternatively I offer the Hopi Ear Candle Treatment for 30 minutes - this is the treatment without the facial massage.

This is a wonderfully relaxing treatment aimed relieving and assisting the following:-

Excessive/compacted ear wax
Mild hearing loss
Glue ear
Sinus problems
Sore throats
Snoring (in some cases)
Hay fever
Pressure regulation – swimmers ear, diver’s ear, flying problems

Optional add on:  Indian head massage.

The effect of the treatment is further enhanced by a specialised massage of the arms, hands, shoulders, decolletage, neck, ears,and scalp, Total relaxation.

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